Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hopeful in 2014

Last New Year's Eve, before we (my husband, our daughter and I) went out of our bedroom to look at the beautiful fireworks of our neighbors, we held hands together and prayed. Hubby and I believe that this is the best way to start the new year and we would like our daughter to see that. It was just a simple prayer of gratitude for the year past, thanking God for all the things that He allowed to happen and the blessings that came our way. It was also a prayer of trust and hope, believing that He will, once again, go with us, no matter what the new year holds.

After our prayer, which took about 15 minutes, we got dressed for the "New Year" and went to the veranda to watch the amazing fireworks. We were in Calamba (my hometown) by the way. I am now based in Quezon City together with my husband and daughter. So, after the fireworks, we went inside the house and read Psalm 91. Then we prayed for our house (which represents our family) while touching every part of it with oil. I felt so peaceful and I could tell that the Lord was with us as we were doing it. When we're done praying, we had our pictures taken (which has been our tradition since our little fashionista was born, heehee).

Yes, our li'l fashionista was wearing a ladybug costume. She was so excited about wearing it! :) The other lady is our Tita Beck.

I may not know what is coming in the future or in the next 12 months for that matter, but one thing I'm very sure of, the Lord already knows and my hope is in Him. So I say, thank You Lord for 2013 and I am hopeful in 2014, believing that the best is yet to come! :)

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