Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Journal 2015

I have always been a stationery/paper/planner/journal addict. Ever since I was in grade school, I had been on the lookout for cute papers/stationery. My love for these cutesy and eye candies didn't die down but just flourished all the more growing up. I remember when I was still single, there was a year that I bought 2 or 3 planners because they were all so cute and "functional" but sadly I didn't get to use all of them because I was not really a businesswoman nor a busy-woman. Then the sticker card from a famous coffee shop was introduced in the Philippines. And because my husband and I are coffee lovers, we would frequent this store not just for the caffeine kick but also for me to get a planner (Note: This promo starts in November and ends in January of the next year). If my memory still serves me right, I think I was able to get 5 planners for 5 consecutive years. Now, that we're in the US, I missed that sort of "tradition", hahaha!

So last November while at a mall, I started looking for the "perfect" planner for me. Much to my dismay I wasn't able to find store where "my planner" might be hanging around. Until one day, on January 5th, I found "the one", and boy am I so grateful! It was so pretty I could not afford to leave it there. It was as if it was talking to me and begging me to get it. My husband actually saw it first then asked me, "You want to look for another one in another store? I'm sure we can find more in other stores." "No, thank you," I said. Hahaha!

My Journal 2015

Got it from Michaels' Store

It is not a planner with dates and tabs; it is more of a journal and I'm really dying to use it. I'm not obliging myself to write something every day though, I'm thinking of just putting into words memories that really matter to me. Also, I want to make it as my art journal or journal where I can write down the things that I'm grateful for.

It was "love at first sight."
This journal has different colorful pages. Most of them are unlined so you really have the freedom to do whatever you want to do with it. It is a 3-ring binder so you can refill if you run out of pages. You may stick your photos, souvenirs and other mementos you may have chosen to remember in a day.
Fantastic indeed! Using my Sharpie and Faber Castell pens to doodle and write down my thoughts

Can also be a travel journal

This is really love! :)
Are you a planner/journal addict too? Do you already have your planner/journal for this year? What do you love about it? I would love to hear your thoughts. :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

How's Your First Week of 2015?

Most blessed and blissful new year to you! I know I should have said it a day before the first day  (or on that day itself) of this first month of 2015. I intentionally controlled myself from doing it. I would like to do it differently by letting the first week go by. And in case (well, just in case) your first week didn't go the way you dreamed or planned or envisioned it to be, then let my new year greeting now inspire you to move forward in spite of.

To answer my own question (if it so happened that you think you missed my question, just take a look again at the title of this post.  ;)), please allow me to give you a brief rundown of what transpired in my life during the first week of 2015. 

December 31st - My family and I were fetched by my husband's cousin to go to Pasadena and witness the Rose Parade the next day. It was a short road trip (thank goodness for very light flow of traffic) with side trip to the Blue Yonder of Los Angeles. It is 3,000 feet above sea level. You can see the whole city of LA and it's just stunningly beautiful.

With my loves
Spot the moon
We stayed at my cousin-in-law's cozy house for a night. Our little ladybug enjoyed not only the company of her uncle, aunt (my husband's cousin's wife), grandma (my husband's aunt) but also Leo's and LJ's as well. Leo and LJ are their cute and charming shih tzu puppies.

Our little ladybug as she watched with amusement the moving train

January 1st - We all got up early including our 3-year old. I could tell that she was really excited for this. It was freezing cold (at least for me) outside. The temperature dropped to 13 degrees (Celsius) if my memory still serves me right. Good thing we were ready for it because our generous hosts provided the jackets/sweaters, gloves, bonnets and ear warmers that we would be needing. We were even served with hot arrozcaldo (rice porridge) before we were dropped off at the site. Below are some pictures I and my husband took during the course of the Rose Parade. We enjoyed watching the parade for about 2 hours or so.

New Year's Eve

After the parade, we were fetched, brought back to our hosts' house and served with a very hearty meal. Although the food were not cooked at home (they ordered it from a hole-in-the-wall kind of restaurant), it was really scrumptious. Everyone loved what was on the table. We were all filled and satisfied.

Right after that sumptuous meal, we headed back to our place. Once again, my cousin-in-law drove for us and made sure that we're back home safe and sound. 

 January 2nd - My husband, our daughter and I went to the mall to buy a simple orange juicer. We have an orange tree in the backyard and it produces tasty, sweet and juicy orange fruits. Our daughter loves to drink freshly squeezed orange juice. She doesn't just enjoy drinking the juice, she also wants to make it herself.

At the mall. One of her simple joys.

Pretend play at the grocery store
"I'm helping Daddy make orange juice, Mommy."

Tot in the kitchen
January 3rd - It was Make-A-Meal day for our little ladybug and her cousin. I found this Melissa and Doug Sticker Pad in a shop at the mall. It includes 15 place settings and over 225 stickers. The kiddos had fun doing it together. My husband was around to guide supervise them. ;)

It was also our laundry day. One of the things I am proud about my daughter is her willingness to help. Since she started to walk, she would always offer her help no matter how "big" the work to do is and how "little help" she could offer. That attitude is so natural in her.

"Daddy, you need my help?"

"Ako na po dyan." (I'll take care of it)

January 4th - Sunday is always worship day. We went to Inland Hills Church and heard a life-changing message from the senior pastor. While the grown ups (that include my husband, my brother and I), were listening attentively to the message, our little ladybug was quietly busying herself with some "writing/drawing" activity. 

 January 5th - The household (husband, daughter, niece and sister-in-law and I) were busy preparing for the 3rd birthday of my niece. The five of us went to Baskin and Robins to order an ice cream cake; Walmart, to buy party food ingredients and some party supplies; Michael's store, for other party paraphernalia. It was a busy and productive day.

 January 6th - The day we're all busy and had a fantabulous time. The birthday party was a success! Kudos to my sister-in-law who worked in the kitchen all night (January 5th) and all day today to make sure that the menu she planned for her daughter's birthday will definitely be prepared and served. My husband (although he's not really feeling well) helped me in putting the decoration. We're all happy with the turnout, specially the birthday princess (Disney Princesses is the theme) my niece and my daughter as well. We only had 3 guests (2 adults and one kid) since we're new to this place and don't have friends yet in the neighborhood.

The birthday princess with her parents
The birthday princess with my family

Princess Ariel, Mama, Me and Queen Elsa

So, that's pretty much how my year started. I'm looking forward to making more memories, learning from life's experiences and becoming a better (that is, more grateful, more patient and more loving) person this 2015. Of course all of these will happen with His amazing grace showered abundantly in my life.

Blessed New Year everyone! How is it so far? I would love to hear from you.