Saturday, March 26, 2016

Learn with Joy: DIY Resurrection Eggs to Tell the Easter Story

I have always wanted to tell my daughter about the Easter story in a way that her mind can easily grasp it. Although at a very young age (she's 4), she knows Jesus and has received Him in her heart as her Saviour and Lord, I would like her to understand more what Jesus did for her and for the rest of the people in the world just to show how much He loves us. That's why last year, while in the US, when I got to know about the resurrection eggs, I was so excited to purchase them. However, I wasn't able to get hold of them.

This year, I made sure that I researched more about resurrection eggs and looked for ways to get them. Since they're not that popular yet here in the Philippines, I just made my own. Resurrection eggs are plastic eggs in different colours. Inside each egg is a symbol of the Easter story - Jesus' death, burial and resurrection.

Our DIY Resurrection Eggs
Making Resurrection Eggs
Making your own set is very easy and simple! I found this site,  Life Your Way really very helpful. I got the Easter story printable from it and also the materials to be used, although I modified some. My daughter and I just looked in the house and used what we have. 


  • 12 plastic eggs
  • egg carton (we didn't have egg carton so we just improvised)
  • a small leaf to represent a palm branch at Jesus' triumphal entry
  • 3 one-peso coins to represent the 30 pieces of silver that Judas Iscariot received
  • a thimble to represent a cup at the Last Supper (my daughter has a plastic toy cup and that's what we used)
  • a tiny piece of paper rolled into a scroll to represent Jesus' prayer in the garden
  • a paper rope made into a "whip" to represent the soldier's whipping Jesus
  • a tiny crown made from Suntan flowers to represent the crown of thorns
  • a nail to represent the nails and the cross
  • a die to represent the soldiers' casting lots for Jesus' clothes
  • a toothpick with one end broken off to represent the spear piercing Jesus' side
  • a little piece of cloth wipes to represent Joseph wrapping Jesus in clean linen cloth
  • a rock to represent the stone rolled in front of the tomb
  • masking tape (for numbering the eggs)
  • Children's Bible (The Beginner's Bible)
  • Easter story cards
I was planning to surprise my daughter with it. But I was not able to make it ahead of time. And since she is so excited about Easter, I decided to prepare it with her. I could tell, she enjoyed it!

After telling the Easter story, my daughter kept telling me, "It's a beautiful story, Mom. Can you please tell it, again?"

Have you ever shared the Easter story with your kids? How did you do it? :)

Enjoy the photos!

My love bug's hand as we prepare our resurrection eggs
Picking flowers and leaf from the garden
Looking carefully at her flower
Numbering the eggs
Happy and excited to help Mommy
Pretending to eat one of the resurrection eggs
Showing Mommy the leaf that represents Jesus' triumphal entry to Jerusalem
"Crown of thorns"
The Bible we used and the opened resurrection eggs
"Mommy, let me take a picture of the eggs!"
We used "golden egg" to represent the empty tomb