Monday, May 16, 2016

Why I Love Cusina Dishwashing Liquid

Kitchens are one of my favourite places in a house. I love kitchens that are spic and span, not to mention, sweet-smelling too. I also love to wash dishes.  I know, for some, that sounds weird. But I really do! The only challenge is my hands are so sensitive that even though I would love to be a helper in the kitchen, I couldn't. I have been looking for a dishwashing detergent that will satisfy my requirements: safe, gentle, effective and sweet-smelling. 

Then I "bumped into" Cusina Dishwashing Liquid one afternoon in a fun-filled workshop for my love bug. I feel so blessed to receive this gift. I was so excited that I used it as soon as I could.

Cusina Home Gift Set

Cusina Dishwashing Liquid Gift Set
It was love at first sight.
I admit, the first time I saw Cusina Dishwashing Liquid, I fell in love with it. Who wouldn't fall in love with these cuties? They don't look like dishwashing liquids, do they? 

What do I love about Cusina Dishwashing Liquid?
1. More than the "physical looks", it's what's inside that matters to me the most. These lovelies are made from natural ingredients such as eucalyptus and tea tree which get rid of bacteria naturally. There are no unpleasant chemicals so it's basically safe.
Lemongrass Citrus
2. They're tough on germs but gentle on hands. As I have mentioned above, my skin is so sensitive that harsh ingredients don't just make my hands dry but also irritated. There was a time when I developed rashes just right after I washed the dishes. It only showed that there are chemicals in other dishwashing liquids that can harm my skin. On the other hand, when I used Cusina Dishwashing Liquid, my hands were so happy. I don't need to wash with hand soap (which I often do) anymore right after I wash the dishes.
Ginger Yuzu Peel
3. A little drop goes a long way because it's "wonderfully concentrated". I don't have to put lots of it just to feel the sponge soapy and bubbly. It's very efficient and effective. 
Grapefruit Lemon Zest
Just a little goes a long way
4. It's sweet, delicate and rejuvenating scent is for the win! My daughter loves it too. You won't even think it's a dishwashing liquid. As Cusina said, it "smells like the garden, not the lab."

These are just some of the reasons I love about Cusina Dishwashing Liquid. I'm sure you'll find a lot more when you try it too. Please feel free to share your thoughts, I would love to hear them! Happy dishwashing! :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Brotzeit Junior Chef Workshop: A Fun-filled Learning Experience for My Love Bug

My love bug and I have been reading Walter the Baker and she just loves it. She's so fascinated with the idea that the "sun shines through [a pretzel] three times". Every time we finished reading the book, she would tell me she wanted to bake pretzels too, just like Walter the Baker.

Anna and Walter the Baker

So imagine her delight when I took her to Brotzeit Shangri-la last May 4 to be a Junior Chef! She was a bit shy at first but after sometime she started to warm up and feel comfortable.

My love bug with Ms. Malou

My Little Chef
The Junior Chefs
Ms. Malou with the Junior Chefs

After a little introduction and welcome remarks of Ms. Malou Gonzalez, Brotzeit's PR and Marketing Manager, the Junior Chefs met Chef Ivan. Then the ultimate fun began!

"Wash your hands first!"
Putting all the ingredients into the bowl
"Make sure your work area is clean."
Getting hands sticky and messy
"Thank you for the help, Chef."
Fold and push
"Look at my dough, Mom!"
Cut then roll
Yay! A pretzel!
Prepping the pretzels

After sometime, the pretzels were ready to be baked in the oven. While waiting, the Junior Chefs prepared refreshing coolers for themselves. 

Ready for the oven
Working seriously :)
Slowly but surely
Cool and refreshing

While the Junior Chefs received special gifts from Toy Kingdom, the mommies got their treat, the Cusina Dishwashing Liquid gift set from Cusina Home.

Happy faces

Toys from Toy Kingdom

Mommy Bloggers and our kids
Cusina Dishwashing Liquid Gift Set

Yay! The pretzels are done! My love bug just loved it!

"Mommy, look!"

Finally, the Junior Chefs got their certificate from Brotzeit Philippines. Looking at their faces, I could say that they're really proud of themselves. :)

So proud of my love bug :)

Hooray for our Junior Chefs!

Thank you so much, Chef Ivan!

Before we went home, Ms. Malou served us Brotzeit's famous and scrumptious fladen. Yummy indeed!

Fladen Bayrische/Bavarian Pizza
Fladen Spinat/Spinach Pizza

It was indeed a fun-filled learning experience for my love bug. She enjoyed it as much as I did. I believe the other kids and moms had fun as well. Thank you so much, Mommy Bloggers Philippines, Brotzeit Ph, Cusina Home and Toy Kingdom.

Moms, satisfy your kids' desire to be little chefs for a day this merry month of May! Sign them up for Brotzeit Junior Chef @ Work

Friday, May 6, 2016

From Depressed to Determined: A Book Review

Every woman has her own dream or dreams; to become a wife and a mother, have a successful business or job, to be that person she knows she was created to be. However, after that dream has become a reality, it can't be avoided that sometimes, depression sets in. What will she do?

From Depressed to Depression: A 6- Step Guide to Thrive and Have Personal Success by Viviene Bigornia is what it's all about. Brief and concise, this e-book could be read in one sitting, but the "Your Turn" section will allow you to contemplate, ponder and do the practical steps and suggestions of the author.

What I like about this book is that the author talked from her personal experience. As I read it, I could see myself. I could relate. I believe that every woman who  maybe walking on the same path will realize she's not alone, that there's someone who had been there and was able to overcome. The author didn't dwell much on the subject of depression (nor cite cases) but on how a person can come out of it. Another thing I like about it is the 6 steps she offered are easy to follow. All a person needs is determination to be able to do them. There is also a quotable quote at the end of every chapter which I also like. For me, it summarizes the idea and thought of that chapter.

My takeaway from this book: No one is immune from depression. In one way or another, we all have experienced it. However, it's not the end of the world for us. We can come out of it, come out of it victoriously. We can achieve those personal goals we have been aiming for. We can also thrive and be successful. Someone had been there and overcome. We, you, can do it too!

This e-book is a great gift for your girl friends, moms, aunts and even for yourself. So, are you in for a little treat? This e-book is offered for FREE by Amazon today (May 7th) until the following day. Yay!  Go and download it now! After that time, the price goes back to $2.99.

After you read it, can you please come back and let me know your thoughts about this e-book? I would love to hear from you.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Brotzeit Junior Chef @ Work - A Fun Baking Workshop for Kids this May

Mommies and kids find cooking and baking sessions fun especially this vacation. The kids like to play and imitate their moms in the kitchen, mold some dough and bake easy to prepare cookies and breads. Moms enjoy seeing the kids able to work on their own, even with their little hands, and be able to make simple treats all by themselves.

This month of May, every Saturday, Brotzeit will be having their Brotzeit Junior Chef @ Work where little ones can have a fun afternoon of making their own favorite Brotzeit food. They can learn how to make their own Fladen, Cookies, and Pretzels. It will be an exciting experience for little kids complete with aprons, cooking tools, and certificates and they will get to taste and bring home the products that they made.

See posters for complete details or check Brotzeit’s pages:

Brotzeit Facebook Page
Brotzeit Instagram
Brotzeit Website

Sign up at least one week before each class. You may also contact Malou Gonzalez at for schedules and registration.
Come with your kids and experience the fun of being Junior Chefs!