Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Brotzeit Junior Chef Workshop: A Fun-filled Learning Experience for My Love Bug

My love bug and I have been reading Walter the Baker and she just loves it. She's so fascinated with the idea that the "sun shines through [a pretzel] three times". Every time we finished reading the book, she would tell me she wanted to bake pretzels too, just like Walter the Baker.

Anna and Walter the Baker

So imagine her delight when I took her to Brotzeit Shangri-la last May 4 to be a Junior Chef! She was a bit shy at first but after sometime she started to warm up and feel comfortable.

My love bug with Ms. Malou

My Little Chef
The Junior Chefs
Ms. Malou with the Junior Chefs

After a little introduction and welcome remarks of Ms. Malou Gonzalez, Brotzeit's PR and Marketing Manager, the Junior Chefs met Chef Ivan. Then the ultimate fun began!

"Wash your hands first!"
Putting all the ingredients into the bowl
"Make sure your work area is clean."
Getting hands sticky and messy
"Thank you for the help, Chef."
Fold and push
"Look at my dough, Mom!"
Cut then roll
Yay! A pretzel!
Prepping the pretzels

After sometime, the pretzels were ready to be baked in the oven. While waiting, the Junior Chefs prepared refreshing coolers for themselves. 

Ready for the oven
Working seriously :)
Slowly but surely
Cool and refreshing

While the Junior Chefs received special gifts from Toy Kingdom, the mommies got their treat, the Cusina Dishwashing Liquid gift set from Cusina Home.

Happy faces

Toys from Toy Kingdom

Mommy Bloggers and our kids
Cusina Dishwashing Liquid Gift Set

Yay! The pretzels are done! My love bug just loved it!

"Mommy, look!"

Finally, the Junior Chefs got their certificate from Brotzeit Philippines. Looking at their faces, I could say that they're really proud of themselves. :)

So proud of my love bug :)

Hooray for our Junior Chefs!

Thank you so much, Chef Ivan!

Before we went home, Ms. Malou served us Brotzeit's famous and scrumptious fladen. Yummy indeed!

Fladen Bayrische/Bavarian Pizza
Fladen Spinat/Spinach Pizza

It was indeed a fun-filled learning experience for my love bug. She enjoyed it as much as I did. I believe the other kids and moms had fun as well. Thank you so much, Mommy Bloggers Philippines, Brotzeit Ph, Cusina Home and Toy Kingdom.

Moms, satisfy your kids' desire to be little chefs for a day this merry month of May! Sign them up for Brotzeit Junior Chef @ Work


  1. Oh this is nice! :) Good intro for kids who could be chefs someday!

  2. This is a very good activity for the kids especially during vacation, so we can take them away from "digital world"

  3. Such a great way to help kids learn the love for baking at an early age. Looks like she had loads of fun!

  4. Such a great way to help kids learn the love for baking at an early age. Looks like she had loads of fun!

  5. Such a fun workshop for the little ones! I can see that your daughter really enjoyed it! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

  6. I could imagine her happiness when she learned of the pretzel baking class. So happy for her, too.

  7. Hi classmate! :) We were beside you and your little bug that time. We sure had fun! :)

  8. Wow! This is such a fun event specially for the girls! When I was a kid I used to play lut-lutuan. But now, children get to experience real cooking and baking through this workshops! :)

  9. Aw!! nice!!! I bet she enjoyed this one! I wish my son could also experience this when he grows up! :)

  10. This is such a great way to tech kids how to bake na! I do hope meron din neto nung kabataan ko kasi natuto na kong magbake during may 30's! Kaloka!

  11. Many parents are put off doing baking or cooking at home with their little ones because of the mess – which is why moms love to come along to this kind of classes where we can just leave the mess behind for us to clear up! Thanks for reminding us of why it’s so important for us to get our little ones involved in such activities from an early age!

  12. For someone who always want to bake pretzels, this activity is a blast!

    at mukhang hindi lang ang bagets ang nag enjoy, pati din si mommy :)