Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Learn with Joy: Why We Do What We Do (Part 2) and An Invitation

Sometime ago, I shared with you some of the reasons why we choose to homeschool our daughter. I used letters A to E to drive my message home. Today, I hope to give some more reasons why we do what we do.

First and best teacher
The first time I heard about this was when I attended for the first time a homeschool conference here in the Philippines. At the time, my husband and I were still contemplating whether to  homeschool our daughter or not. Going to the conference made me realise how I would like for me and my husband to be our daughter's first and best teachers. 

God's calling
I believe that this is what God wants us to do as a family; it is our calling to homeschool. 

Homeschooling is heart-schooling. Just like what I mentioned in my previous post, it's educating the heart that's more important. Without disregarding the importance of academics, I strongly believe it's the attitude of the heart that must be shaped and moulded. Homeschooling is not just producing individuals that spit out facts and information, rather, life long-learners who value their relationships with God, people and environment. 

Independent, self-directed learner
Homeschooling provides an environment that helps my daughter learn meaningfully; understand things around her and connect their relevance to her daily life; experience the joy of learning through her own discovery. Homeschooling doesn't spoon-feed a learner with details and data, on the contrary, it gives the learner the freedom to explore, uncover and find the answers to her own questions.

Joyful learning
When I was still a schooler, the lessons I understood quickly was those taught by teachers whom I liked. Because I felt no pressure as I studied and listened to them. Unfortunately, there were just a few of them. Most of them made me want to finish school as early as possible. 

Homeschooling cultivates joyful learning. It creates a learning environment that is relaxed and therefore, stress-free. 

There you have it, my F to J reasons for choosing to homeschool our daughter. As beautiful as it is, I would say that homeschooling is not for everyone. However, there is still no harm if you explore it. And I believe, now is your chance.

I invite you to attend this year's Philippine Homeschool Conference "From Roots to Wings" on October 22, 2016 at SMX Convention Centre, SM Aura Premier, Taguig City. Please click on the link to  register and know the details. This is an opportunity for you and your family to determine if homeschooling is for you. Hope to see you there!