Thursday, January 9, 2014

Take God at His Word: A Lesson I learned (once again) from My Li'l Fashionista

This morning my li'l fashionista asked me to "read Jesuts (Jesus). She was actually referring to her Bible, The Beginner's Bible which was a gift (on her dedication day) from Aunt Jessie, a friend of mine and hubby. We were reading the story about Jesus calming the storm. I read and re-read it becaues baby wanted to "read 'gain, Mommy."

After reading it, I reenacted it just because. I quoted Jesus, "Don't be afraid! Peace! Storm stop!" Little did I know that the story and those words spoke to baby's heart. What do I mean? When we were eating lunch, she hiccuped. I told her to get her water bottle and drink. It was a bit dark inside her room because I turned out the light, there's a little sunlight coming from her bedroom window though. Baby didn't want to get her water bottle because she's kind of afraid, "kakot (takot) baby, Mommy." So I said, "Why are you afraid? Mommy is just here. Kasama mo naman si Mommy." Upon hearing it, she immediately stood up and was on the act of getting her water bottle. I thought she was encouraged by my words. But then she looked at me and with a smile on her face said, "Mommy, sama Jesuts baby!"

Wow! Isn't that something? I was stunned. I have already forgotten about the storytelling activity we had that morning. I never thought it would sink in that soon in her very young heart. I was like, "How did she grasp the concept of Jesus being with you that you don't have to be afraid? She has not yet "met" Jesus and her heart takes Him at His Word. What great faith - the kind that pleases God! I was humbled. I was reminded once again. God is God and He does what He says He will do. All He asks from us is to take Him at His Word, to believe, to have faith - as small as a mustard seed, or should I say, as big as a child's heart.

In response to my li'l fashionista I said, "Yes, baby. Kasama mo si Jesus." And off she went to get her water bottle. :)

Our li'l fashionista "reading" her Bible :)

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