Saturday, November 30, 2013

"Head Towards Greatness", How Great is That!

How would you feel waking up to this?

I know right? Just great!!!

Last Friday morning, before my hubby went off to work, he "prepared" me a breakfast. Usually, he would cook sunny side up and bacon and brew coffee. He was kind of in a hurry that Friday so he found the quickest way to my tummy, heehee! I was actually still asleep and on the bed with our 2-year old baby when he kissed me and told me he's about to go. I got up, kissed him and said bye. Then I saw my breakfast. And the post it message brought smile to my face. :)

This is not a sponsored post but I really salute McDonalds for coming up with a great idea like this one. Breakfast like this doesn't just wake up you up, it also inspires you to do something out of the ordinary... something more than the average... simply said, something great!

So... good morning everyone and please don't forget to "head towards greatness" today! :)

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