Thursday, November 6, 2014

Gratitude Challenge 3

Here goes my day 3 gratitude challenge:

1. Grateful for the provincial life I'm living right now (at the time I was in Laguna, Philippines). Far from the pollution and noise of the city, I'm awakened by the chirping birds by the bedroom window; I witness the changing hues/colors of the sky; I can breathe in and breathe out without worrying what goes into my lungs; and most of all my daughter can run freely in our garage or veranda.


2. Thankful that I get to look after my daughter and witness every milestone she hits. I feel so blessed that I was given this opportunity by the Lord. Others may say "sayang" (waste) because I could have worked and earned to help ends meet but I don't think and feel that way. I say I'm blessed because God led me to this path and where He leads, He provides.

 3. Full of gratitude that God endowed me with so much breastmilk that I can still breastfeed my daughter even at her age (3 years old). To be able to breastfeed her this long is really a blessing, not only financially but emotionally as it deepens and strengthens our mother-daughter relationship. I would never trade this for anything.

What are you grateful for today? :)


  1. I never thought I would appreciate living outside the city, I grew up in the city and when I got married, I transfered to Laguna and now here in Cavite. Now, every time I go to NCR, nastress ko sa traffic and napapagod ko sa laki ng mall. lol I enjoy the simple life in the province.

  2. These are really such great things to be grateful for. You're really blessed to be able to breastfeed your daughter until now. I wasn't so successful with that. I'd love to experience living outside of the city too but I'm not so sure how that will turn out. I'm such a city girl. :)

  3. "where He leads, He provides."

    This is so true! Just like you, I'm also thankful for having given the chance to stay at home and be with my son. Others may think that it's a waste of opportunity but if you come to think of it, a time spent with someone you love is never a wasted time. So congratulations mommy for doing great!

  4. There are lots of things to be greatful about...even waking up in the morning because we are still alive to enjoy life.

  5. I agree with Sherlane. I always thank the Lord whenever I wake up. Being alive and healthy are enough reasons to be grateful. I am happy for you kasi you get to experience living somewhere far from the city.

  6. Breastfeeding rocks! :) It's always always best to be grateful for everything.