Monday, August 25, 2014

Why Did We Choose to Homeschool Our Daughter?

Even before I got pregnant I was already contemplating where to put my would-be child when the time for her to go to school comes. As an educator myself, I believe that investing in one's education is of paramount importance, thus that idea inside my head. Along that line of thought was (and still is) the desire to make sure that my kid would not only get the best learning but also acquire the kind of beliefs and values that we, her parents would instill in her tender heart. And because I have had teaching experience for more than 5 years, I would also like to see to it that my kid would be taught the way she learns best; that her maximum potential would be tapped and brought out; that she would leave the school building one day armed with the knowledge she needs; confident yet clothe with humility; prepared to serve God and help her fellowmen.

Then I got pregnant; the wheels inside my head started to turn again. As I began to search for schools (yes even when my daughter was still in my womb), I realized that "best education" comes with a tag price; it's like you get what you pay for. There's nothing wrong with that, I believe. However, for an average or middle class family like ours, we won't be able to afford that so-called "best education" (or should I say, "best schools").

The Lord must have seen my anxious heart because at that time, someone introduced to me the idea of homeschooling. She and her husband are missionaries and because they need to be traveling all the time, they homeschooled their only daughter. I have high regards for this couple and I have seen and met their daughter who is now a missionary also and children's pastor in Thailand. I love what I saw! So, I mentioned this to my husband who at first was very apprehensive about the idea but now is so supportive of it.

Now you might be wondering,  why then did we choose to homeschool our daughter? If you will look closely, I somewhat have mentioned most of my/our reasons for having this option. But for a more elaborate look, here's why:

1. We want to inculcate in our daughter the beliefs and values we hold dear.
My husband and I believe in the God of the Bible. The Lord Jesus is our personal Lord and Savior. We acknowledge the power of the Holy Spirit; that He is a Person and not just a force. These are the beliefs we hold to and would like to pass on to our daughter. It would be the greatest or best legacy we could leave her. Having said thus, we desire that the values she'll live by are founded on Biblical truths and principles. There's nothing like seeing our offspring walking in the path that God has prepared for her.

2. We want to make sure that she will be taught the way she learns best.
I taught for quite a number of years. I know that most teachers teach the way they learn because I was like that before. The nice thing though was, most of the students I taught have the same learning style as I do. But come to think of it, how about the children/students that learn differently? I'm so glad that I taught in a school that believed in the uniqueness of each child so the teachers were trained and equipped to teach the students the way they learn best. I saw the positive impact of this to my former students: they were confident to show or display what they have learned either through arts, music, dance or drama, that means beyond the use of paper and pen.

3. We want to be her first and best teachers.
My mom was my first teacher: she taught me how to write my name! :)  Until this very day, I can still remember how my mom would write my name on the paper bag (supot) of pandesal (local bread) and then give it to me and I would write my name on it following the pattern she gave me. I cherish it and I want to do the same for my daughter; not just teach her how to write her name though, even more. I believe all of us, in one way or another was "homeschooled" even before the idea itself has become phenomenal. Someone said that for children, love is spelled as t-i-m-e. I believe that spending time to teach and learn with our daughter is one of the ways we can show her that we love her.

I know that to do homeschool is not an easy feat, that is why I am so grateful and I feel blessed that nowadays homeschooling is making a big wave in the Philippines. A lot of parents are opting to be their children's first and best teachers. Thus, a Homeschool Conference is going to be held on September 6, 2014. This is presented by The Learning BasketManila Workshops and Unilab. More than the learning I will gain, I am going to this conference to meet like-minded people who I believe will become my friends eventually. Also, I know that the inspirational talks of the seasoned and passionate homeschooling parents will come in handy on those days when I feel like giving up. 

How about you? Do you plan to homeschool your kid/s too? Will I see you on the 6th of September at the conference? Hope to bump into you! :)


  1. See you at the conference, Mommy Joy!

  2. Thank you for blogging about Educating for Life Homeschooling Conference. We hope you had a lot of takeaways from it.

    1. Aw! Thank you, Michelle for visiting. The pleasure is mine. I enjoyed the conference and yes I learned a lot! Looking forward to attending the next year's event. Blessings on you! :)