Monday, September 1, 2014

Shameless Audacity

One day I was having my "quiet time" and reading Luke 11. I know I had read this passage so many times before but I believe this was the very first time this phrase caught my attention: shameless audacity. It touched a chord; it hit home.

What  is shameless audacity?
Jesus mentioned it as he related a simple allegory to his disciples. The disciples asked Him to teach them to pray but besides giving them a sample, He taught them how to pray.

Shameless audacity is simply coming to God's throne with faith in your heart that God will do it whatever you are asking from Him; firmly assured that He is willing to give it to you because He is God and He is good. You never get tired of knocking at His door because you know deep inside your whole being, He hears you and He listens. Shameless audacity doesn't know fear, anxiety and worry. Instead it is familiar with assurance, confidence and trust. Right there in the unfathomable recesses of your heart, you just know that an answer to your pleas or even cries, is on its way.

Are you in need today? Approach God with shameless audacity.

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