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How My Daughter Potty-Trained Herself (That's How I'd Like to Think of It)!

I know most of you won't believe it. Some may even say that it's impossible, haha! But I'd like to believe that my daughter potty-trained herself. Here's a little bit of the story.

Barely 18 months old, our baby would always go to the bathroom door, point to the toilet bowl and say, "Mom, poop." or "Mom, weewee." So, was that it? No! The problem was, I wasn't ready yet to potty-train her. I thought she was too young to do it. I believed at that time, kids that age need to wait for at least another 6 months to be able to do it. What I did was (please don't follow this example), discourage her from using the toilet. Every time she would go to the bathroom door, take off her pants and diaper, I would always say, "Baby, you don't have to use that yet. You're still a baby. Let's wait until you're 2 years old, okay?" And she was like, "Mom, weewee." This went on for 2 to 3 weeks, then she stopped.

Finally the day I have been waiting for came; she celebrated her 2nd birthday. Two months after her birthday, I told her, "Baby, now is the time for you to use the potty." She stared at me and said, "No Mommy, baby pa (I'm still a baby). When I'm big girl. Baby use potty." My jaw dropped and I couldn't say anything. So I started looking for articles on how to potty train a toddler. Then it hit me. Potty training starts when the child, not the mommy or daddy, is ready. :(

A couple of months passed by and nothing happened to our potty-training. Six months after her birthday, we bought her a pink potty and several books about potty training (since she loves to read) but still this was what she would reply to my prodding, "No, mommy. When I'm big girl na."

Potty-training paraphernalias
My heart sank and I thought that she would never learn to use the potty. Or if she does learn, it would be too late or she might be too old (or at least 5 years old) by that time. I was so guilt-stricken; I would always tell myself, "I should have allowed her to use the toilet when she was younger. What have I done?" It came a point in time that I even prayed for it; that the Lord would make her ready to potty train (and I know the Lord answers prayers). :)

And then one day, in July, two months before she turns three this year, she told me, "Mommy, help baby take off pants and diaper please." I was like, "Why?" She said, "I no want wear diaper, Mommy. I want wear panty." I was like, "Really?" Of course my smile was from ear to ear! So I obliged and helped her wear her underwear. Then it happened. She got her potty, put it inside her bedroom and shouted, "Mommy, baby weewee, I use potty!" Then she sat on it. "Mommy, come here please." I said, "Hold on baby." Because I wanted to take a picture of her, haha! And then she asked me, "Hear that?" I said, "No." Then she asked me again, "Hear that?" Finally, I heard the tinkle! Yay!

So, how did my daughter exactly potty-train herself ? Well again, that's how I would like to think of it. :)

Because her Dad and I surrounded her with books about it, she kept reading them.
My daughter loves books, as in she really does! So we grabbed that advantage; I bought books (two books only); her Dad and I took turns in reading them to her while she kept reading her favorite. She specially likes Karen Katz' "A Potty for Me". She so likes that part "I'm so proud of me!" And I guessed at that time, part of her was wishing she could also say that one day. And she did!

Karen Katz Books
She read it everyday and every night.
She would do some "practice".
We do know that practice makes perfect, don't we? I just can't believe that at her age she already knows the principle! Last June, she told me, "Mommy, I no want diaper." I was like, "No, baby. You should wear it or else you'll wet your pants." My daughter said, "No, mommy. Baby wear panty." So, I took it as a sign that she was ready. But then of course, she wet her undies. And I reassuringly told her, "It's okay, baby. It happens. That means, you have to use your potty now. " She was like, "No, mommy, I wear white diaper (training pants/diaper) and baby get no wet." Then I helped her wear her white diaper. That was the scene every other day that month. It was what I call, "practice number 1".

"Practice number 2" is like this: every time she would feel like she wanted to pee, she would ask me to take off her underwear and then she would get her potty and sit on it. And because I so badly wanted to document it, instead of helping her, I would get my phone and prepare to take a picture. She would say, "Mommy, no picture please." Of course, I would listen and then hold her hands while singing to her so she could finally do it. Then she would say, "Ayo, mommy. No weewee." So, I would help her put on her undies back again. That went on and on for like 2 weeks.

It's one of those days (practice number 2) :)

The Day We Have Been Waiting For Finally Came
Then one day, as I have already mentioned above, last month - two months before she turns 3 years old this year, it happened. She sat on her potty and peed! Hooray! And I was right, she was looking forward to that day when she could say, "Mommy, Am proud of me!" I told her, "You did it, baby! I'm so proud of you!"

"Hear that?"

"Am so proud of me!" Yay!
From that day onwards, she has been using her potty to pee and poop. We are able to save on diapers; she would just use them when we're going out /traveling or when she goes to sleep at night. The nice thing is, even during nap time, she would insist not to wear diaper. At first I got worried that she might wet our bed so I told her that wouldn't work. But one afternoon, she begged me not to put on her a diaper even if she'd take a nap. I obliged but was kind of worried. You know what? She's right! She didn't pee while asleep but as soon as she woke up she told me, "Mommy, baby weewee. Go toilet, please."

Potty training, I believe, isn't about how good the parent/s is/are in training their kid/s. It's about the child in training. It's his/her readiness that really matters. As parents, we need to be as understanding, patient and supportive as we can be.

How about you? How did you potty train your kid/s? Am I right to think that my daughter potty-trained herself? I would love to hear your thoughts. :)

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