Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why I Love Being a Mom

I am a fan of beauty pageants. Ever since we had a television set, I together with my Ate would always watch beauty contests (international or local) on TV. One of the Ms. Universe pageants that I have seen was in May 1994. The most coveted beauty title and crown was given to Sushmita Sen. Does anyone of you still remember her? I have never forgotten the question put to her: "What is the essence of a woman?" I believe she gave a most poignant answer. She replied: "Just being a woman is God's gift". The origin of a child is a mother, a woman. She shows a man what sharing, caring, and loving is all about. That is the essence of a woman." 

As I have understood it, the essence of a woman is being a mom. Being able to carry life in your womb, protect that life and give birth to a tiny (not to mention cute) living creature that will change your life because at that moment when you see her/him and hold her/him in your arms, suddenly love, care and sacrifice have new meanings. That was what I felt when I brought forth my daughter into this world. It was a special and beautiful birth. And I know that she is mine and I am hers.

Being a mom is not just having a kid or kids in tow. As I have always said, it's not an easy job; it's hard work. But as someone said, you don't consider a job work if you love what you're doing. So, you don't consider mommy-ing a work if you love doing it. Well, I love doing it. Although sometimes, as a human being, I still need to take a break just so to keep me sane (You can read here how I stay sane as SAHM). So, if it's not easy why do I still love being a mom? Here are my reasons:

Being a mom is a miracle.
I don't know if you have read my post on breastfeeding. I mentioned there that I didn't get to be a mom right away after the wedding. I had two miscarriages and my third pregnancy was not without prayers and tears before it happened. So when the day finally arrived that the Lord remembered His promise to me, my husband and I were in tears. We treasured every single day of our pregnancy journey because we knew it was a miracle.
Maternity Photo by Great Image
The other night, right after our dinner, I looked at some of my stuff and saw one of my preggy pictures (photo above). Our baby saw it and began asking questions. One of the questions was, "Baby, mommy (where's baby, mommy)?" "You're inside mommy's tummy, baby.", I replied. Then she looked at it again and looked at me. She said, "Ahh, mommy? Amazing!" And I believe she is right, being able to carry a baby inside of you, that is, being a mom is indeed amazing.<3

Being a mom is a privilege.
I always hear our church pastor say this, "Hindi po lahat ng babae ay mabibigyan ng pagkakataon or pribilehiyo na mag luwal at mag aruga ng sanggol. (Not all women are given a chance and privilege to give birth and take care of a baby). I agree with him. For me, when I was told by my ob-gyne that I was indeed pregnant, aside from feeling so ecstatic about it, I felt so honored and privileged to be chosen as the bearer of this wonderful baby. It's not because she is someone special or great. It's just the thought of carrying a child in my womb. What an honor! <3

Being a mom is a blessing.
From the olden even biblical times, it was always thought that married women were considered blessed if they were able to bear a child and give birth even to just one. Remember, Sarah (the mother of all nations), Rebekah (the mother of Jacob and Esau), Rachel (the mother of Joseph and Benjamin), Hannah (the mother of Samuel) and Elizabeth (the mother of John the Baptist)? All of them had been barren and then eventually blessed with children.

Simple baby shower given by office mates

Gifts for my little fashionista

I consider myself blessed because I am a mom to our little fashionista. In fact, I feel like I have never been blessed before the way I am being blessed now. From the time of conception until today, everything has been faithfully provided to us and to our little one. But more than the material and financial blessings, it's the blessing that you can't see or touch but you can feel. It's the unexplainable sensation you perceive inside. That kind of blessing cannot be compared or even paid. <3

Smart Parenting Baby Shower

Bringing home some freebies

My loots from Pregnant Pause sponsored by Mommy Mundo

Felt so blessed to be bringing all these stuff home
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