Monday, April 21, 2014

When Inspiration is Elusive...

Do you know a time when you would like to write down something but you just couldn't do it? It's like you're stuck and no matter what you do , you simply can't write? Well friends, I do. Before, about 3 months ago, my mind was brimming with ideas, it's so full I had to write down my thoughts or I might just forget about them. But now, I'm just... I don't know... Stuck?

A lot of things are happening right now and the more I want to share it with you (I know there's just a handful of you, but I still would like to communicate it with you. Who knows, an article or two might be a blessing to you), the more I struggle on how to do it. I just simply don't know where to start or even how to.

I believe that this thing will pass. I am looking forward to being able to write again. It may take another day or two or even a week but please, dear readers, just hang on in there... I know we'll "see" each other again... soon. :)

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