Sunday, April 10, 2016

Crafting Time's Polymer Clay Workshop: Mommy and Me Clay Play!

Last April 1st, I was one of the privileged few that was invited to join the Clay Play activity sponsored by The Crafters Marketplace. It was held in their studio located at the Rustan's Grocery, Shangri-La Mall right beside the GNC shop. I came with my daughter who got so excited when I told her about it a day before.

Look at how excited she is!
After the warm welcome and introduction from Ms. Alma Borruel-Ramirez, one of the owners of the Crafters Marketplace (the other one is Ms. Sunshine Asuncion-See), we were treated to a refreshing milk tea from Fiftea and yummy cheese roll from Mary Grace. Snacks came first since we would get busy, according to her (wink).
Ms. Alma, as she welcomes the participants
Yummy snacks
Afterwards, Melody, our teacher who is one of the leading clay artists in the Philippines, started the workshop. She's fun, accommodating and friendly. She's been into crafting since she was 10 years old (I'd like to say since birth; that's how good she is)! She introduced to us what a polymer clay is. She told us the different types/brands of polymer clay, what brands are best for kids' play and for jewellery makers and the things to remember before we handle or play our clay. Very informative! Also, she unselfishly shared her tips and secrets in decorating her clay. 

Melody, the clay artist
Fimo is best both for kids and jewellery makers while Sculpey III is good for kids
For this workshop, we used the Dukit brand (modelled by my daughter)
Some of Melody's creations
Would you believe that's all made of clay?
Then the real work or should I say, the real play began! (Note: Always make sure that your hands and everything you'll use are clean before you touch your clay)

Cut the clay before you knead it
She's getting ready
My daughter's hands :)
Don't worry, I did the cutting
She's kneading too! :)
Melody showed us how to make a flower. Everyone tried her best to come up with a flower too.
Little flower
My version :)
The mommies' and their children's creations
Melody's hand checking our work
Time to put them in the oven toaster. 
While waiting for our creations to be "cooked", Ms. Alma gave us a quick tour to their shop.

Crafting Time
Crafts by Melody
We also had our "class picture". We were just a small group but we had a great time!

The mommy bloggers together with our kids, Melody and Ms. Alma
 Then the moment we've been waiting for had come! 

They're done! Yay!
Ms. Sunshine, in an email, promised us that it's going to be fun and she certainly kept her word. My daughter and I enjoyed our clay play together. Just like what Melody said, "It's a relaxing bonding time between mother and daughter."

Polymer Clay Art of The Crafters Marketplace, a really must-try activity! :)
So, are you excited to know more? Don't fret! The Crafters Marketplace has prepared something for you and even for the kids! Please see the photos below for the schedule.

For the crafter in you 
For your kids
Hope to see you in one of their workshops! I promise you, you'll enjoy it! 

The Crafters Marketplace is owned by Sunshine Asuncion-See and Alma Borruel-Ramirez. They have been in the business since 2015. They bring in items from the US and Canada. For scrapbooking supplies, please visit and like their Facebook page. For more information, kindly send them an email at or contact them through Viber at  647.895.1051. Thank you. 


  1. I'd love that 'understanding clay' lessons. I have a pendant made from baked clay and I so love it! :D

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