Friday, July 3, 2015

Signing on... Again.

Oh... It's been two months. I have been wondering (and wandering places where I had only dreamed of going to) where time has gone. Changes... changes... changes... Why does that surprise me? After all, there's one thing in this world that is always constant and I know, you guessed it right. Yeah, change. A lot of changes had happened and continue to happen.

But, here I am again. After being disconnected from the blogosphere (not that I have totally shut my eyes and ears from it), I'm coming back and signing on again. Grateful indeed...

Welcome back, my beloved readers! :)


  1. Alemars! This is great news! Excited to read your new posts. Kitakits soon! I miss our "intimate" dates and chats about our blogging journey. Maybe it's time for us to meet again, look back and plan for our blog's new adventures. Tara na! Ingats lagi!

    1. Aww! Alemars! It never occurred to me you'll be the one to post a comment, hahaha! I'm not even expecting any for that matter. Yes, I miss our dates and chats too. Hope to see you again! Thank you for the encouraging words! :)