Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Resting in His Grace

What does it mean to rest in God's grace?

Is it do-nothing-and-just-leave-everything-in-God's-hand kind of attitude?
Or perhaps it is like sleeping on whatever bothers you as if it's not even there in the first place?


To rest in God's grace is simply to believe that God will fulfill what He says He would after you have done what He told you to do. More often than not though, it's easier said than done. However, we could always look in on the past and see what God had wonderfully accomplished in your life; miracles, surprises, blessings. 

Whatever they are, we can always trust Him to bring about the best... Therefore,
rest in His grace.


  1. I have posted a similar status on Facebook before about how we need to take action first and not just rely on God's help without doing anything, because it seems some people have completely just asked for miracles without even doing something. This is something to reflect on. :)

  2. My faith to Him has always been very strong. He never abandoned me and I'm always blessed. People close to me would always tell me that I seem to not worry too much. Well of course I do coz I'm a mum but generally, I'm lax. And that's because I have always always trust Him. I know that with His grace and love, I could always carry on. Nice post mum.

  3. Resting in God's Grace is the only way to survive each day. His grace is sufficient!

  4. God will answer our prayers after we help ourselves and put ourselves back together. We could simply look at how far we've come and thank God for giving us our challenges.