Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Special Palabok and Pritong Lumpia: Lopez Canteen's "Birthday Treat"

I celebrated my birthday last June 9th. It was a simple day, really. My husband and I didn't cook for the usual "handa". But before that day ended, something unexpected happened. I will be writing another post about it. :)

This one is also an unexpected blessing. My blessed and blissful day was not yet nearly over when a Facebook (fb) message suddenly popped up on my phone (It was around 10pm, if I'm not mistaken). It was from JLo. She was looking for someone to do a food review for Lopez Canteen's Special Palabok and Pritong Lumpia. And because it was my birthday, I was chosen. Yay! Isn't that a treat? :)

So, after a number of fb message exchanges, Jlo and I came up to a decision to deliver it on the 12th. Then I realized it was a holiday. I was hoping to share this blessing with my husband's office mates. But since it was not possible, I shared it with other people who I believe also deserved to taste this delicious treat.
Lopez Canteen's Pritong Lumpia and Special Palabok

Lopez Canteen's Special Palabok
Palabok and lumpia to share
Our apartment's day guard and one of the tenants' saleslady
Our "Lola Belen"

Of course, I tried these scrumptious "birthday treats" from Lopez Canteen. I called them "birthday treats" since they were given for my birthday without me even asking for them. I really felt so blessed!

After :)

So, what's my take on Lopez Canteen's Special Palabok and Pritong Lumpia?

The palabok tastes so good. I was not the only one who said it. Every one who got to eat it said the same thing. There was even someone who was not really fond of palabok until that day and his comment was like, "Wow! This is really good!"

It was her son who said, "Wow! This is really good!"

One of the things I'm being intentionally aware of in foods is of course the ingredients. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that food to be tasteful should have extravagant ingredients. On the contrary, I like simple food, which means, food that will not trigger my daughter's skin asthma. I have been breastfeeding her for 2 years and 9 months now. Everything (that is edible, heehee) I put inside my mouth will definitely affect her. That is why I give extra effort to look at my food first before I take a bite. I was so feeling blessed that day because I found out that Lopez Canteen's Special Palabok doesn't have the usual ingredients like squid and shrimp. Yay! Instead it only has pork, eggs and a very crunchy chicharon which even after several hours had passed, still remained crunchy.

How about the Lopez Canteen's Pritong Lumpia? Can I just say this in Filipino? It's "panalo"! Haha! It's big so you won't feel "lugi". It's so "yummy", that's according to my daughter (we know that children don't lie, di ba?). And it really is! Again it's not just me and my daughter, the others said it too, they didn't use the word "yummy" though. ;)
My daughter, making funny faces but too excited to eat the lumpia

The lumpia comes with a dip (sawsawan) which is a concoction of soy sauce and vinegar. It really is "swak" to "panlasang Pinoy". May I also say that as good as the dip was, the lumpia could stand on its own. Even without the "sawsawan", it's still very tasty.

A dozen of "yummy"
If you noticed, I was able to share the palabok with lots of people, 8 actually and there's still some left for me and my husband. Since the lumpia was a dozen pieces, I gave one to each one including my daughter. My husband had 2 and he still felt "bitin". Haha! That's how good the lumpia was!

Sad to say, my husband was not able to taste the palabok although I saved some for him. Because I was not really familiar with how to take care of some food like palabok, I left it on the table thinking that I would still eat it for dinner. After dinner time, I transferred the palabok to another container then put it inside the fridge. Apparently, this kind of food spoils easily so if you would order palabok, please make sure that you keep it inside the fridge after everyone has eaten within hours or so, that is, if there will still be some left. :)

If you want to know and experience what I'm talking about here (heehee), please feel free to contact Lopez Canteen. They would be more than willing to accommodate you and give you too a delectable experience.

Oh by the way, don't just take my word for it... just do it! ;)

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