Sunday, June 29, 2014

An Unexpected Blessing: How I Celebrated My Birthday "Unexpectedly"

I just noticed that since the time I told myself to be grateful even for simple things, I have also started feeling blessed. Last June 9th, I celebrated my 39th birthday (yes, I am not ashamed of my age, haha). And although I (and my sister) sponsored a birthday giveaway, I didn't have or buy something for myself, and that's totally fine with me. On that day, my husband and I didn't prepare a special menu or the usual "handa", no plans whatsoever. I was simply glad and grateful to wake up to another day given to me by God, that in itself, for me was already noteworthy. That day was also made one-of-a-kind by the hugs, kisses and untiring "Happy birthday, Mommy!" greetings of my daughter, my husband's bear hug and sweet kisses (of course), sincere greetings from my family and the 100+ greetings and wishes on my Facebook wall from friends. How could I ask for more? :)

Then on that same day, three minutes before two in the afternoon, an unexpected text message came. It was unexpected because this person, I know, is a very busy one. I didn't expect she'd greet me on that day, that she'd remember.She was my head pastor in Laguna. She was a mentor and friend. :)
Unexpected text message :)
So, after our exchange of text messages, we came up with a decision to meet that night for she and her husband were already in the metro (Ortigas, to be exact). We met and dine at Tong Yang in Megamall. To tell you honestly, that was the first time (again) my husband and I have been to Tong Yang. The last time was when our baby was not yet here. It was our daughter's very first time and she enjoyed the food, the company and the experience. We all did, actually. It was truly a blessing, an unexpected one.
With Rev. Virgie Hernandez and her husband Bro. Bong
After hours of eating (haha!), I was greeted by the waiters and staff of Tong Yang, which by the way came also as a surprise. I know a lot of restaurants are doing this but at that moment, I was oblivious to that fact, heehee. For some reason it didn't enter my mind that such thing was going to happen. Surprise! Surprise! :)
Yours truly
With my loves
I'm blessed beyond words for all the good things that God has done and continues to do in my life. My life may not have been a luxurious one, still I find myself blessed. I guess it's in the simple things that one can really find bliss. So blessed, so grateful. Grateful to God. For everything. For His wonderful servants, Ptra. Virgie and Bro. Bong Hernandez. For my husband and daughter. For my family and friends. I am not a saint but the Lord has blessed me with undeserved favor (that is, grace) and unexpected blessings.

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