Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Perfect Love Casts Away Fear

I have a confession to make. I just watched "Frozen" last Sunday. Yay! I watched it with my husband while our baby was asleep. It's a sort of "date at home" because on that day, well after we watched Frozen and everything was done, he went out of town/city for work. He'll be gone for five days. Oh well, that's not the story of this post, hehe. It's about the movie. It's so cool, it's Frozen! Hahaha!

Everyone was raving about this movie. I was really so curious about it that I asked my husband to look for ways how we can see this movie now that it's no longer in the movie house. Long story short, he found it.

I found this Disney movie entertaining just like any other Disney movies but with a lot of twists and lessons too. I'm sure you have read a lot of reviews and most of them talked about the twists. So I'm not going to talk about the them anymore. There's one thing that resonates in my heart though, and that is how Elsa and Ana were reared by their parents. As a parent myself, I always look for tips and insights on how to raise my own child. And I'm so thankful that I saw a valuable lesson from this movie which I believe that every parent/s should also take note of.

Elsa was born with great power in her hands but this was not explained well to her nor to her sister, Ana. They started as really best of friends, always looking forward to tomorrow where Elsa could make a snowman and both of them would just frolic in the ice-turned floor of the castle. It was an innocent merry-making moment that turned into "this-is-getting-out-of-hand" incident when Ana was accidentally hurt by Elsa, although the latter's purpose was really to save Ana from hitting the icy floor. We know what happened next. The parents went to their troll friends. The grandpa troll told Elsa that her greatest enemy would be fear. Since then, Elsa lived in fear. That scene spoke to me.

The very thing that they didn't want Elsa to have, that is fear, was in fact the very reason why Elsa "shut out" everyone around her, including Ana.Why did the opposite happen? It's because they magnify the negative without pointing out the positive. If fear would be Elsa's greatest enemy, what could be her most important friend? If fear is the poison, what is the antidote? The parents failed to ask the grandpa troll. The grandpa troll didn't remonstrate it. Elsa grew up feeling imprisoned with fear of hurting the ones she love. The antidote she herself concocted was just to hide in isolation, to conceal and "don't let them know."

But like any other Disney movies, Frozen has a happy ending. I like that part when Elsa asked Ana after she  turned from ice to flesh again because of that one act of true love, "You sacrifice yourself for me?" Ana answered, "Yes, because I love you." Then realization came to Elsa and she said, "Love. That's it." And she was another woman; no longer living in fear but in love. It was like, only at that moment she understood that all along, it was love she was looking for. It was love that she needs to have in her heart so that fear would have no room at all. Good thing, it was not yet too late. :)

"There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear" (1 John 4:18), according to the Bible. As a parent, I would like to instill love in my child's heart. Of course, my baby is not perfect and neither am I. There are not so good things in the heart of a person or even a child. But it's for me not to magnify on those things lest my child would grow in fear out of trying her best to avoid doing those bad things. I believe that my husband and I are placed in this world and entrusted with this so great a gift, our baby, by our God to nurture and nourish her in love. In love, point out the good things in her. In love, correct the wrongs and provide opportunities for improvement. In love, lead her in the right path. In love support and uphold her. In love, simply love her.

As I've mentioned above, there are lots of lessons we can learn from this movie but if there's one thing that I would like to remember and pass it on to my daughter is that love is powerful enough to cast away all fears she might have in her heart. :)

Disclaimer: Photo not mine and just grabbed from the Internet.

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