Sunday, January 19, 2020

The Kikki K Planner and Why I Love It

I am a paper-lover person, ever since the world began! I love everything paper - planners, journals, stationery, stickers, name it! And that's why I'm always on the lookout for cute and inspiring "papers", even now that I am a mom. Because, why not? Right?

Last August, my little family and I were given the opportunity to stay in Australia for 3 months. It's not my first time to be there so I know pretty much what delightful things to expect there. One of those is the Kikki K shop. I love everything they sell in Kikki K. It's a stationery shop which showcases cute stuff with Swedish design. While there, I was really hoping to get to join another workshop by Kikki K, because the first time I was there, I got to attend one of their inspiring and motivating workshops. Then, I found out that they were going to hold a Planner Workshop! What an answered prayer! However, that workshop was moved to February 2020. I won't be able to attend that because we came back to the Philippines in November. But the nice thing was, I was able to buy a personal planner! Yay!

Kikki K Personal Planner Woodland
Kikki K Personal Planner Woodland
What are the features of this lovely planner?

1. This personal planner features hand-drawn illustrations, rose-gold metal binders, and sweet quotes. It includes a pen loop, 2-card pockets, 1 open pocket, and two notepads (one larger lined notepad at the back and smaller lined notepad at the front).

2. The planner page includes 120 gsm paper, 7 blank divider tabs, 2 sticker sheets, monthly planner sheets, non-dated weekly pages, to-do planner pages, and 3 sections of lined pages.

3. The outer is made from soft touch non-leather and has rose gold hardware with two-snap closure. 

Now, why do I love this planner?

1. It's quite obvious, isn't it? It's super cute! It's not because I'm a mom, I am no longer entitled to get or receive something cute and fun, right? As a mom, I do a lot of stuff at home and even outside the house. More often than not, busyness takes a toll on me. Seeing and using cute items is one of my stress relievers. Who is with me? ;) You know that feeling when you see and touch something that you really like and love? Yeah, that's how I feel too!

2. It's functional. Just like any other planners, it is useful. Everything that it features can be used and not just for decorative and aesthetic purposes. For me, the spaces dedicated for monthly and weekly schedule is just right. I don't really need big ones. The to-do list page has also a space for "top priorities" and "water intake" habit. There are unlabeled sticker tabs that could be used for whatever label one likes. There are sticker tabs for home, birthdays, school, habits, shopping, journaling, planning, etc. Plus point: the paper. I love writing on the paper because the pen easily glides across the page. It's really smooth and not flimsy.

3. It's inspirational. You read the quotes and you'll be inspired to smile and "love the little things." Sometimes, we moms, could be so caught up with life that we forget to stop and appreciate the small things. As you look at the dividers, you'll be motivated to decorate and personalize your planner; release your creativity and make it your "own". Also, the lined pages encourages you to write down your thoughts, ideas, and even quotes you've read from a book. I know because I just did that!

I know there are so many planners available in the market right now. I would love to recommend Kikki K planner if you think this will suit your lifestyle as a mom. For me, it does. However, what really matters is to choose something that is functional and that you really, really like. Please feel free to share in the comment box below what planner you're using and why do you like it.

Blessings and joy!

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  1. Nakuuuuu! inggit much! sobrang ganda pala nyang planner na yan, hindi ko lang alam kung ma afford ko! hahaha Ako, I see to it na gusto ko din talaga ang planner, kasi kung hindi, hindi ko gagamitin pero kung ganyan ka ganda mukhang d ko rin susulatan! hahaha thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi, Zoan! Thank you so much for dropping by. Sorry, it took me more than a year to reply. I just saw your comment now. Again, many thanks! :)