Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Celebration 2014

I am thankful that in a year I get to celebrate two special days just for me; my birthday and Mother's Day. This year was my third time to celebrate Mother's Day. I am not the type who would always want to get all the attention (but it doesn't hurt to be noticed once in a while) to myself, although I must admit that I really love to be surprised (happy surprises of course). Yesterday was just one of the few and simple (but meaningful) surprises I received from my husband. It was Mother's Day Celebration. He just came from his out of town trip that morning. He didn't tell me whether he had plans or what his plans were on that day. He even forgot to greet me (hahaha) when I came out of our bedroom to greet him "Good morning" and welcome him back. Sweet thing though was, he bought pancakes and coffee for me.

It was a Sunday so we went to church. While listening to our pastor's sermon, our daughter asked me to accompany her to go outside. My husband went with her instead and allowed me to just relax and enjoy listening to the preaching of God's Word. After sometime, I heard my daughter calling me, "Mommy, look! O-pop (referring to her lollipop, given to her from the Sunday School class). Look Mommy, flower. " as she handed me a white tuft of crepe paper with green handle/stem. It was a "project" from the SS class which was done by my husband and our baby (for mothers). It's nothing grand but for me it was the best "flower" I have ever received yet for the simple reason that it came from them and lovingly made by them.

the best Mother's Day flower
Then after the worship service, my husband asked me where I wanted to have dinner. I told him, it's up to him, though I was tempted to say, "Surprise me!" Haha! We got that from Ratatouille. So he asked me if I would like to eat at Chilli's. Wow! I said, "Sure!" For some, Chilli's might be their everyday go-to for lunch or dinner. But for us, we go there once in a blue moon, that is, during special occasions only.

Chicken Crispy Salad and Chicken & Beef Combo for hubby and me; Crispers and Fries and Orange Juice for our li'l fashionista
It was a very simple, special and sumptuous dinner. It was a meaningful celebration. Celebrating Mother's Day for the third time now has made me realized that it's not the fancy dinner (although there's nothing wrong with it) nor the lavish gifts (let me say it again, there's nothing wrong with it) that make the celebration special. It's the reason/s why you are celebrating it. As for me, I celebrate Mother's Day because:

After 4 years of marriage and 2 miscarriages, God remembered me. I have a God who has never forgotten me.
He saw my tears. He heard my cries. He gave me a promise. He opened my womb. Mother's Day for me, is a celebration of thanksgiving, an offering of praise and gratitude to the Giver of gifts, the Promise Keeper, the Miracle Worker.

I have a husband whom God has chosen to be the father of my child.
My husband may not be the handsomest, the brightest nor the richest (all according to the world's standard but of course for me, he is the -est of those adjectives, heehee. Yes, I'm in love with him. Haha!), but He is God's best for me. I celebrate Mother's Day because I have someone to call "my husband" whom I share responsibility with in raising our daughter. I am blessed and glad that I get to celebrate this occasion with a husband by my side. I am not alone. I am a mother and he is a father. :)

I have a daughter who calls me "Mom".

I am a mom because of you.
These three things are my reasons why I cherish every Mother's Day; celebrating it with thanksgiving to the Lord and with the loves of my life. For me, that's what matters most.

How about you, moms? How did you celebrate our special day? I would love to hear from you.

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