Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Becoming a Beautiful Woman (Part 2)

About a week ago or so, I started this series about becoming a beautiful woman (read it here). Although this coincided with the International Women's Month Celebration, the thought of "beautifying myself" was actually one of my goals this 2014.

Becoming a beautiful woman I believe is a continuing process. However, just like any processes it must begin from something, and that is, from within ourselves, from our hearts. Subsequently, what we have started will not stop there, it will show and our physical appearance will project it. And once displayed, all we have to do is maintain it. But how do we keep ourselves physically beautiful? I am not a beauty expert but I have some beauty routines that I would like to share here. I hope it will help moms, also other women in general and inspire them to have their own. So, here it goes...

Start with a clear and clean skin.
 A clean and clear skin is always, always where every beauty ritual should start with. I believe that it really doesn’t matter how much make up I put on, not to mention the cost of each cosmetic, if I don't have that spotless (or should I say, dirt-free) skin. Thus, I make sure that I constantly wash my face. The facial wash doesn't have to be pricey, as long as it works for me, then I'm okay with it. Truth be told, I really don't buy my facial wash (haha, thanks to my sponsor, my beloved big sister, heehee). My skin care habit is pretty simple; wash and moisturize. That’s it? Yes, that’s it, yet it does wonder to my face and I'd bet it would give the same advantage to you too. I wash it in the morning and then wash it again before I go to bed. I use the moisturizer only in the morning. But if you have a night cream, it’s much better. What’s important is the routine of cleaning the face in the morning and evening.

Facial Wash

Using the Oilatum bar was sort of an experiment. We bought it about a year ago for our baby (that is before we discovered Mustela). Sadly, for some reason, we were not able to use Oilatum for her. So, it was just stocked inside the cabinet. Then one day, I saw them (there were two bars) and they are about to expire this year. It will be a waste if I don't use them, sayang naman. It's quite expensive for baby soap. So, I used it on my face (experimentation) then I saw an amazing results. It's like a beauty bar. It made my facial skin softer, smoother and clearer. I would say my little experiment, not to mention the price of this baby soap is really worth it.
After washing the face, the next thing to do is to put on moisturizer. I wasn't fond of moisturizers before. With a hot weather like ours, who would want a sticky and oily face? But I was wrong about that idea. Even in a hot and humid country like ours, I realized I still need to apply moisturizer. It makes my skin supple and younger-looking. I am not advertising or promoting this product but I really love Olay Total Effects. I learned to use this because my mom, my dad (!), my big sister and Tita are all using it. Before I was like, what's with this product that they all like it? I tried it and now I'm hooked.

There you go, that is pretty much it; wash and moisturize and I believe every woman will reap from it.

A little makeup won’t hurt.
My sister and I were always part of our school program during our elementary days. One of the things that I liked about it was, we did not only get to dress up but we had also the chance to be made up. Because of that we grew up with fondness for cosmetics colour palette but I didn’t get to use makeups again until I had to teach. My students’ parents told me that I could pass for their children’s classmate because I looked so young. My co-teachers then came to the rescue and taught me how to put on makeup. Since then whenever I would go to work I didn’t fail to apply makeup and I loved it. It was a bit time-consuming and it took a while before I managed to prettify myself in 10 minutes or less. I’m not saying I have reached perfection, nor am I an expert, but at least I know how to put a bit of color on my face. I believe every woman; moms specially should have a makeup kit with the “basics” such as, face powder, lipstick, lip balm and blush on. I think a hint of tint on our face will not only make others admire us but it will make you feel good about yourself. I remember, the first time my baby saw me wearing makeup she said, “Mommy, nice!” Hearing that from my baby, it was… flattering.


Eye Essentials

Face Powder

Lip Savers
Spritz, Spray or Dab
I love it when people pass by me and they leave a sweet scent. It’s like I want to stay close to that person and just smell her all day long. I remember during my college days when some of my girl classmates would just sit beside me and say, “You smell so good, can I sit beside you?” I love that feeling. It gives me more confidence. It makes me feel beautiful. For me, the scent of a woman is evocative; it gives an impression to others that you know how to take care of yourself… even if you’re a fulltime mom. That is why whenever I leave the house, I always spray cologne all over my body though I just have to go to the supermarket. Every time there is a special event or gathering or even meet up with friends, I wear a perfume for the simple reason that it’s more long lasting. I love it whenever I get a scent of myself as I move. I always carry my perfume/cologne in my bag so I can still spray on some more wherever I go.
Scent of Joy
In conclusion, I believe that becoming a beautiful woman is not just being “Belofied” or “Cathyfied”, although it’s not bad to have that privilege. It’s about feeling good inside because I am at peace with my God, content with what I have while still in pursuit of the dreams God placed in my heart and comfortable with living in the present. It is also about taking care of my body and at the same time running a household, loving my hubby and raising a baby. It is about believing that I can be a great mom and awesome wife without losing myself in the process. And that kind of beauty, no matter how you conceal it, will always show.

My Beauty Stash


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